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Capra Maritimus

Dom on Kimmel, of course. :D

Well, I'm sure we've all seen the squeeworthiness that was Dom on Kimmel Friday last. I mean, really, coming on stage wearing Billy's shirt ;) and talking about boykissing with that cheeky/dreamy look on his face only moments before announcing that Billy was backstage? Ovaries were exploding all over the internet, I'm sure OMG! LOL

Anyway, to commemorate this (hopefully not one-time) event, I have compiled a list of relevant links. Some are for downloads, some are fic, some are commentary.

Commentary Silliness:

Well beizy and friends had a riot coming up with all sorts of porny scenarios....

ingve9 speculated on ShirtGate 2005 during Monaboyd Squeetime Theatre.....and somehow ended up starting a tig featuring Dom/Jeff Corwin from Animal Planet....

And if one checks out the monaboyd community flist one can find all sorts of squeeing and laughter and WTF?ing going on. :D

Speaking of monaboyd...

Recent fic posted re: Dom on Kimmel:

Make You Wait by teffy

Backstage by blackbird_song

I'm sure there are/will be links in the comments!!!

EDIT: Took You Bloody Long Enough by random_yayness

See-Saw by valerienne

And now, for the downloads....

Dom on Kimmel:
- 4 small files, .wmv format
- large high quality .avi files courtesy of rocketsam and beizy

EDIT: Screencaps!!!!

Courtesy of beizy, Tina and .
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