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If not now ... then definitely later!

I found this in a book (The Lord Of The Rings: The Making Of The Movie Trilogy) that a friend was thoughtful enough to send me.

This is an excerpt from the chapter "Hobbit Talk: a conversation with Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd."

Dom: There'd be times when someone would get tired and lose their temper, but we became such good friends that we got to know when someone was at the breaking point and whether they needed a night out or just a good night's sleep, whether they needed to be left alone or given a hug--

Billy: I need a hug!

Dom: Not now!

And later in the article...

Dom: I'm the same as Bill--

Billy: Are you, really? Well, I'm tired and I could do with a bath ... I stink!

Dom: That's true! You do! You stink of elderberries and wizards!
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