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*polishes the glass closet*

Deleted comment


April 12 2004, 12:04:20 UTC 13 years ago

Hi, it's anon from yesterday. I've been doing a little ringing around like I promised, and it's looking good - very good in fact.

I'll give you the background first. One of my friends works for a well-known Hollywood gossip rag. By his own admission he's just an intern at the moment, and spends most of his time making the tea, but occasionally he'll overhear interesting stuff while dishing out the custard creams. I'll refer to him as 'Custard Cream' for now.

Now this is the big one - the other friend is a freelancer who has had dealings with New Line in the past. She's requested that I refrain from specifying exactly what it is she does, so guys, you'll have to bear with me. She is, in her own words, 'pretty close to ground zero' so she could be blacklisted by every major studio if somebody identifies her. She told me that this place is 'required reading' for most of Hollywood and warned me to tread very, very carefully. She does, however, empathise fully with the guys' plight, and has volunteered to help as much as she can with information on the condition I reveal neither her name, age or profession.

I asked Custard Cream about the picture above. Man, was I shocked to learn that the freelance photographer who took that picture is currently boffing the Beauty Editor of CC's magazine! He says he'll try to find out more as time goes on. Keep your fingers crossed for him guys!
Oh, we have our very own anon! Complete with inside information and everything! COOL.

With you + my newly purchased 'Sekrit Gay Message Decoder (TM)', I'm feeling fairly well equipped.

Tell us more, plz.
Wait a second...I may sound stupid right now but... I don't get it!!
To play for the home team = being TEH GAY. As Dom is, obviously.

I get it!

of course he is! It's sooooooo obvious, how could anyone NOT see it?

Exactly! I mean, he wears rings! That's liek, SO gay!!!

I think it's awful that he needs to hide it, though. It breaks my heart. *sigh* We must help him and Billy to break free from the clutches of the evol PR. Free Willy -- uh, Billy... and Dom!!!!!
We should do a movie, to sensibilise people to their cause. It MUST have the scene like in Free Willy, where Willy jumps over the small child, and adapt them to Billy and DOm somehow!! (Why, yes, I'm always weird like that, why do you ask??!?!)

What can be more gay than rings? Nothing! I mean, Frodo had one, and everyone KNOWS Frodo's gay!
And he wears eyeliner. And we all know what that means. I mean, I've seen Velvet Goldmine, I know what those boys in makeup are all about.



April 16 2004, 05:33:50 UTC 13 years ago

wow, id neva have worked out this stuf. (notduff stuf, lol.) im so glad their r ppl like u around to show me this, thx!!1