I'm beginning to dislike the man with the whip (esorlehcar) wrote in tinkilts,
I'm beginning to dislike the man with the whip

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So, I've been going through the D/B pictures on my hard drive, and it's just...


It makes me understand why I've cared about these guys for the last two years. They are so obviously smitten with each other. So completely, utterly delighted to be in each other's presence. If what we've heard is right, they've been together for over three years, and yet even after that time, they still act like honeymooners. I glee out over the affection that all of the guys show each other because I'm such a total sap for that stuff anyway, but what I see between these two just blows me away. Their relationship just seems so... healthy... so vibrant, alive, exciting. Undoubtedly they have off days, and fight and disagree and days where they're too tired or whatever. All healthy couples do. But there's just something so undeniably rich and real and honest about the way they interact I just can't help but smile at them. This is love. This is what love *should* be.

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My heart just melted


April 12 2004, 12:31:03 UTC 14 years ago

Thank you, thank you, so much, MsE! I know the guys are out there, smiling and loving on you for your support.

Why, I wouldn't be surprised if, when this is all over, they showed up on your doorstep, and took you out for a beer. I mean, who else works so hard to support them? They really owe you, that's for sure.

I think you're officially one of my favourite people ever.
Okay. This is soooo eval. But I have to say, it's freaking funny too. And extremely hot. Such loving looks. Such lovely men. Such wonderful love. AND THE ELIJAH BUFFER???? EVAL. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OMGWTF!!
*howls* Bahaha, this is great. Luff this community, and you--bravo! *sporfle*
*falls over laughing*
Is it just me, or does Billy look...kinda possessed in the third picture. (Possessed with 1trulurve4 Dom!)
gaaaa that made me teary! Maybe it's because I couldn't say it better no matter how hard I tried. You are completely right, the bond that these two share IS true love, and I smile every time I see a picture of the two together. This really is what love should be.


June 23 2004, 07:42:03 UTC 13 years ago

uhmmmm.... that is like a joke, right, the anon thing...'m stupid...
OH MY GOD that is so beautiful!! I just couldn't agree with you more. I think it's absolutely amazing the way these two go together. MonaBoyd Forever!!!!!! :)
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