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Two Towers Extended w/commentary

I am watching The Two Towers w/the cast commentary and almost had heart failure!! At the end of the Sam speech about the hobbit stories and there is still good in the world Billy says that he wants to take this opportunity say how proud his is of Dom in these movies.

Dom says, "I'd like to say how proud I am to be sitting next to you."

Billy replies, "You be for long." (Proud or sitting?)

Then there's a pause and Billy says in the sweetest voice, "I love you"

Then Doms says, "I love you"

To which Billy says, "Thank you"

It's all in such a sweet and loving tome. I totally melted and played it over and over and over!!
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They melt me as well. You can't help but just love them dearly, as they obviously love each other very much.
gah ^.^ i love them when they say that as well ^.^ they are just too cute & adorable!!!! ^.^
and there's some rusting *wink wink*

*lol* but yeah, that part makes me clap my hand over my mouth and rock back and forth, silently squealing and grinning like a maniac...
I did the same thing!! Hand over mouth squealing and running for the remote to rewind! Volume as high as I could stand it listening for any other *sounds* wink, wink, nudge, nudge!!
great icon! do you mind linking me the original picture you sed for that?
I'm trying to remember where I got it! Hang on I'll find it, yet!
Found it! I posted it on my website. It's in the Fav Pic section. kissmedeeply.jpg My web site is