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So, I was looking at the new Billy Boyd pictures at his official site and I realised something...

Look at the title of the newspaper! DOMinion?! And underneath, the headline, Merry Olde Beer?

Coincidence? I think not.
It's very obviously a stunningly brave shoutout to us tinkilts! I mean, just LOOK at the evidence!
As if you needed any more after that, he's even wearing the matching necklace that Dom also has: seen here.

Very sly, Mr. Boyd, the eval PR will never notice such a subtle and yet well-aimed shoutout!
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Those tinhats are-a goin' down.

Thanks for the lovely pictures!! I'd never seen the second one before. I think that's the second pair of matching necklaces they've had.
Oh, heh, no problem. The second one I actually cut up.

You can find the full version here: if you scroll down. They're quite large and hi-res though, which is good. :)

Dayamn, very sneaky indeed.
*sigh* Billy is so stunningly brave.
*lights more tartan candles for them*

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14 years ago

Ooo, subtle, Billy! But don't worry - we got it.
Dom's "Bench" shirt! They are showing us that they like to have sex on Benches!!!1
Eyes so green and PRETTIFUL. *_*

Hee. Sorry. But... wow. Still kills me.
OMG they're SO in love!!! Billeh is TRYING to break FREE from the CLUTCHES of teh ev0l PR and teh nasty beard but he NEEDS our HELP and LOVE and SUPPORT(hose)!!!!111!!11!! Stay strong, Billeh, we're here for you!
*puts on bagpipe CD*. this, this one's for you Billy.
I cannot see the picture
Yeah, I took it down because this post is kind of old now :D You can find it on Billy's official website.
Where is that at?
Billy's website is here -

And the pictures are here -