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So, I've been going through the D/B pictures on my hard drive, and it's just...


It makes me understand why I've cared about these guys for the last two years. They are so obviously smitten with each other. So completely, utterly delighted to be in each other's presence. If what we've heard is right, they've been together for over three years, and yet even after that time, they still act like honeymooners. I glee out over the affection that all of the guys show each other because I'm such a total sap for that stuff anyway, but what I see between these two just blows me away. Their relationship just seems so... healthy... so vibrant, alive, exciting. Undoubtedly they have off days, and fight and disagree and days where they're too tired or whatever. All healthy couples do. But there's just something so undeniably rich and real and honest about the way they interact I just can't help but smile at them. This is love. This is what love *should* be.

Who doesn't want to be held like this?

Who doesn't want their partner to look at them like this?

or this?

or this?

Who doesn't want to share laughter like this?

or a giddy grin like this?

They're crazy about each other, and they're perfect for each other. It's something even the best matchmaker couldn't find. We should all be so lucky to have someone in our lives that we so perfectly mesh with and adore and are adored by. They're compelling because they're inspirational. It's gorgeous, and I love it. I love *them* and I love the way they love each other.

And it breaks my heart to realize so many people will never see the beauty of the love they have just because they're both men.

ETA, since this is still getting hits years later: This is satire, taken nearly verbatim from a deeply insane, now-locked post made by msallegro/fanbitch/textualdeviance/uppityliberal/makesweetlove about Dom and Elijah's Big Gay Love. As with everything in this community, not meant to be taken seriously or used as proof of anything beyond how entirely batshit the tinhats are.
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Deleted comment

I. Love. You. (You big bitch.) *Snicker*
MsE!!! I just found this AWEFUL link!!! Someone's MOCKING the perfect and precious love of our boys!!!111!!11XI


Pls Pls PLS tell me its not tru!!11!1 I'll slash my wrists if it is!

You'll be able to tell me if its not true, wont u MsE?

Oh, no!!! They're, like, copying the whole thing word by word only using different pics! How mean an cruel omg!!!!!11!

I trust MsE to put things straight here.


April 11 2004, 13:47:01 UTC 13 years ago


Ah, the Elijah buffer. PR is so lucky Dom was willing to play along with their attempts to use Elijah as a beard, even if anyone with any perception at all can see the horrible pain in his eyes every time he's forced to pretend that he and Elijah are close when he'd obviously so much rather be with the love of his life...


13 years ago

I love my tinkilt...and I love Billy and Dom. Thanks for the pics
Heeeeee! Tinkilts w00t!

Seriously though, I hope somebody does look at me like that some day, cause damn...
This is so beautiful, and so true.

What color candles do we light?
green and blue. definately!
*lights candle*


13 years ago


13 years ago

Deleted comment


April 11 2004, 14:38:00 UTC 13 years ago

"Buffer" is dead on the mark. I was pointed in the direction of this board after telling an industry friend of mine about a strange encounter I had about a month ago. See, I work in this bar in WeHo. It was just after the Oscars - a week or so, I think. Anyway, it was a slow afternoon so I'm idling about drying glasses at the bar, and I see this guy come in. Difficult not to notice him - he had bleached hair with the roots showing, tight tee, leather wristbands and a cauliflower nose. Bit of a swagger to him. Actor or musician, I think to myself. Anyway, he sits down at the bar and orders a Southern Comfort and coke. Talks a bit about his yoga classes and his interest in Buddhism, Kabbalah and soccer. Says he's studying tarot and I-Ching as well. He has this Northern English drawl to his voice, tempered with a slight American-ness. Up close he looks vaguely familiar, but I can't for the life of me remember where I've seen him before. He seems a little miserable, truth be told. So I give him another SC on the house and he starts to open up.

He introduces himself as 'D.' We talk a bit more then the conversation moves on to his love life. Seems he wants to get it off his chest. He says he's currently having an affair with 'B,' but someone called 'E' keeps trying to intervene. Says 'E' is a jealous so-and-so who's always trying to 'cop a feel' when 'B's back is turned. It almost came to blows recently backstage at some fan party - he didn't say what it was called, but he did give the venue name. Anyway, D was with B backstage. E wasn't happy and words were exchanged. D lost his rag with E, and accused E of 'sticking his nose and his hands where they aren't wanted.' B, who knew nothing about E's scheming, completely lost it and went for E. Someone backstage intervened, but it created lots of lingering bad feeling.

He left not long after that. When I got home I decided to look up the name of the venue to ask them if any major parties had been held there recently. I found the number and called them. They mentioned one - the party you guys went to. I googled it and lo and behold, there was a picture of D in all his glory. Like I said, about two weeks later I was recounting this incident to a friend of mine and he pointed me to this site. Thought you might like to know about what's REALLY happening with these guys. I hope they can work it out. I'm sure D won't mind me posting this.


April 11 2004, 15:12:56 UTC 13 years ago

omg, is this tru??!?!??!!

wow, thx 4 ur incider knowligde! my world is leik, flipped - lol!!


13 years ago


13 years ago

Yep, I'll swear on a stack of bibles it's the truth. You all seem like really good people who totally care for these guys. In fact, I'm thinking of following this up for you all and reporting back what I hear, if I hear anything. I don't want to get you excited, but I have a few chums in the industry who might know stuff. I'll chase them up and see if they can put out any feelers. I might also accept a code a some point. Thanks again guys, for being so understanding.
rilly?! squeeheheheh!

r thye gay bible's? ;-)
*sigh* Every time I think about leaving the fandom because of those stupid wankers, somebody posts something like this to remind me what it's all about. I love them so much, I love how free they are about the way they love each other, and I love you for posting this. Thanks.

Deleted comment

adn look at those stockign things!!1 that, wihout a dowt, proofs that they r soooo gay - mor than the bitting!

only nellies wuld wear those kinda stockings.


13 years ago


13 years ago

I may have just ruptured something. Oh, god. I was dying for someone to do that. <33
*happy sigh*
I totally don't understand how some ppl can blow off their love. There is SOOOO much proof!!! Thank you, MsE, for clarifying this once again to the masses. Hopefully one day, with deluded fans supporters like ourselves spreading the insanity truth, the boys will be able to finally leave that concrete steel bamboo glass closet of theirs, and flee for the hills live in happiness.

Thank God for us.
My heart just melted


April 12 2004, 12:31:03 UTC 13 years ago

Thank you, thank you, so much, MsE! I know the guys are out there, smiling and loving on you for your support.

Why, I wouldn't be surprised if, when this is all over, they showed up on your doorstep, and took you out for a beer. I mean, who else works so hard to support them? They really owe you, that's for sure.

I think you're officially one of my favourite people ever.
Okay. This is soooo eval. But I have to say, it's freaking funny too. And extremely hot. Such loving looks. Such lovely men. Such wonderful love. AND THE ELIJAH BUFFER???? EVAL. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OMGWTF!!
*howls* Bahaha, this is great. Luff this community, and you--bravo! *sporfle*
*falls over laughing*
Is it just me, or does Billy look...kinda possessed in the third picture. (Possessed with 1trulurve4 Dom!)
gaaaa that made me teary! Maybe it's because I couldn't say it better no matter how hard I tried. You are completely right, the bond that these two share IS true love, and I smile every time I see a picture of the two together. This really is what love should be.
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